Getting ready for Sunday

How many of us wake up on Sunday morning to get ready for church. That question assumes that we bother to go at all. Perhaps we drag ourselves out of bed to go about our Sunday morning routine without too much thought, then we pile the family into the car and off we go. We arrive at church a little later than we had hoped, but they are still singing the first hymn or choruses, so we should be OK to blend in without too much fuss. We then participate for the next hour or so and then leave only to repeat the same scenario next Sunday. There is something wrong with this picture. Where is the preparation or expectation of meeting with God? Is it any wonder that so many of us (and by extension our churches) lack God’s power in our  lives? What if we started preparing for our next encounter with God when we leave the service where we met Him this Sunday? Perhaps we need to start thinking about Sunday as an opportunity to meet with our Father who loves us so deeply, instead of seeing church as yet another of the week’s obligations that must be met.


One thought on “Getting ready for Sunday

  1. i love going to church! Usually 3xs a week. Special meetings usually run Wed eve to Sun eve. Great time with God’s ppl.Preaching, singing & fellowship! Can’t imagine not going!
    Good msg Ed


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