You may remember the bracelets a few years ago that would encourage wearers to keep in mind what Jesus would be likely to do in a given situation. Emblazoned with WWJD or “What Would Jesus Do?”, the hope was to get people to think about their actions and words by comparing their intentions to those of Jesus as revealed in scripture. I’m not sure it ever had the intended effect, but their was a certain wisdom in it.

Fast forward to our present day and age, immersed as we are in electronic instant communications and it becomes apparent that a similar reminder might be appropriate for us. I would like to suggest WWJP or “What Would Jesus Post?”

I am amazed every day to see some of the damaging posts in online social media that reflect a judgmental, critical, and intolerant attitude from people who otherwise identify themselves as followers of the Lord Jesus. The seething anger toward a culture from which these people feel so disconnected and estranged is coupled with a generalized intolerance for anyone, any government, or any system that does not support their views. And so, these folks feel justified in spewing their bile out on everyone and everything that bothers or upsets them.

That is not to deny the right of any person to speak up for what they believe in, or hold dear, but when it comes out as disrespectful of others, or offensively inconsiderate of other points of view, these “(self) righteous few” do not deserve an audience.

I look high and low in scripture to see where that might be encouraged as a legitimate approach, yet I find nothing. In fact, the only time I see anything similar is in Jesus condemnation of the religious leaders who engaged in these same practices. In dealing with the world at large however, Jesus didn’t judge them, He reached out to draw them near in forgiveness and reconciliation.

The next time you are tempted to post something, ask yourself if you just want to vent your spleen no matter who you hurt, or how you damage the image of the church, or do you want others hear the message of forgiveness that came from Jesus own lips? What do you think? What would Jesus post?


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